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Gen Raghavan at a Book Release Function. Click here to read The Hindu coverage on the function. 


An article "A Reluctant Regional Power" by Dr Geeta Madhavan, Founding Member, CSA  was published in The  New Indian Express. Click here to read.

An article " Ladakh Intrusions: Beijing's Strategic Shift" by Lt Gen V R Raghavan (Retd),  President, CSA  was published in The  Tribune. Click here to read.

An article " Dousing the Flames Wisely" by Lt Gen V R Raghavan (Retd),  President, CSA  was published in The Telegraph. Click here to read.

 An article on "Nuclear North Korea courting trouble" by  Lt Gen V R Raghavan (Retd),  President, CSA  was published in The Tribune. Click here to read.

Lt Gen V R Raghavan (Retd), President, CSA was invited by Nehru Centre, Mumbai to participate and present a paper on Internal Security. His presentation at the Conference was well received by the intellectuals and think –tanks of Mumbai. Click here to read his presentation.


Lt Gen V R Raghavan (Retd),  President, CSA delivered a talk on â€?strong>Reducing Nuclear Risk in South Asiaâ€?at Stimson Centre, Washington on October 19, 2012. Click here to read the text of his talk.  


Arms Control Association, Washington organised a conference on 15 October 2012 at First Committee Conference Room of United Nations, New York on the subject Fifty Years After the Cuban Missile Crisis: Next Steps on Nuclear Disarmament and Non-proliferation. Lt Gen V R Raghavan (Retd), President, CSA was invited to make a presentation at this conference. Click here to read the same.


Lt Gen V R Raghavan (Retd), President, CSA participated in a conference on Nuclear Non-proliferation organised by Centre for Nuclear Energy and Environment Studies, Moscow on 6-8 September 2012. He made a presentation on Making Permanent the Benefits of CTBT: The Indian Perspective.

 Click  here to read the gist of his presentation.


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Indian Security and Strategic Context
Panel Discussion
03 August 2013

The Centre for Security Analysis (CSA) organised a Panel Discussion on 3 August 2013 on India Security and Strategic Context. The Panel Discussion was a part of Future India Series which explored the security and strategic ramifications in context of the changing geopolitical scenarios in immediate neighbourhood - newly elected civilian government in Pakistan, change of guard in China, US pulling out of Afghanistan. Lt Gen V R Raghavan (Retd) President, CSA introduced the theme and chaired the session. Mr Vikram Sood, Vice President, Observer Research Foundation (ORF) Centre for International Relations gave an insightful talk on “Pakistan & India’s Strategic Environment�wherein he focused on the growing Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan and its fallout with respect to India's security. He also briefly touched on the implications of US pullout from Afghanistan on India.

This was followed by Mr Jayadeva Ranade, President, Centre for China Analysis and Strategy who gave a very impressive talk on “China & India’s Strategic Environmentâ€? He gave a deep insight into Chinese strategic thinking and the internal dynamics within China. He highlighted strategic significances of Chinese inroads into India's strategic neighbourhood, Beijing's continuing attempts to use Pakistan against India,  New Delhi's balancing act of evolving a strategic partnership with the United States even while keeping a dialogue going with China,  Chinese naval and military modernisation strategies and recent Chinese intrusions.  

An interesting Q&A session followed the talks which showed deep interest and understanding of the audience comprising scholars, former diplomats, retired defence officials and others.  

India’s Socio- Political and Economic Future
Panel Discussion
20 July 2013

The Centre for Security Analysis (CSA) organised a Panel Discussion on 20 July 2013 on â€?strong>India’s Socio- Political and Economic Futureâ€? The Panellists were Mr Mohan Guruswamy, Former Economic Advisor, Government of India who spoke on “The Impact of Economic Slowdown and Socio-Political Stabilityâ€?and Mr Raghuvir Srinivasan, Business Editor, The Hindu who gave a talk on “India in the Global Economic Contextâ€? Opening remarks were made by Lt Gen V R Raghavan (Retd), President, CSA. The Panel Discussion was chaired by Mr M R Sivaraman, former Executive Director, International Monetary Fund and former Revenue Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The discussion was followed by an interesting Question and Answer session.  


Left to Right: Mr Raghuvir Srinivasan, Mr M R Sivaraman, Mr Mohan Guruswamy and Lt Gen V R Raghavan (Retd)

Panel Discussion
China �India Deterrence Relations
27 April 2013

The Centre for Security Analysis (CSA) and US Consulate General in Chennai organized a panel discussion on China �India Deterrence Relations by Dr Lora Saalman, Beijing based Associate, Nuclear Policy Program, Carnegie-Tsinghua Centre for Global Policy and Dr Rajesh Rajagopalan, Professor, Centre for International Politics, Organisation and Disarmament, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The US Consul General Ms Jennifer A MacIntyre gave the introductory remarks and session was chaired by Lt Gen V R Raghavan (Retd), President, CSA.

Dr Lora Saalman made some very interesting observations on Chinese Deterrence. She pointed out that though China pursued a minimum nuclear deterrence and its nuclear posture was restrained, it had the potential of developing advance Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD). China has been viewing Indian strategic relationships in the light of the Indo-US relationship and had been most concerned about Indian maritime deterrence; as a result, a number of maritime institutes had come up in China. Dr Saalman said that her observations reflected Chinese government views as well as those expressed in some military institute journals in China. Along with maritime deterrence, aerospace deterrence was being looked at with much interest as China recognized that these were two areas where India has indigenous capabilities. 

Dr Rajesh Rajagopalan was of the view that as India’s nuclear deterrence posture evolved, the focus has shifted from Pakistan to China, more so since 1998. India did not appear to feel any imminent nuclear threat from China. India was yet to develop sufficient deterrent capability against China. Nevertheless, the nuclear relationship between India and China appeared much more stable today and was likely to remain more stable over the coming decade than India’s nuclear deterrence relationship with Pakistan. India and China subscribed to a declared No First Use posture that seemed to lessen the nuclear escalation danger in any confrontation

The panel discussion was well attended and participation of diplomatic corps., bureaucrats, defence officials, academia and strategic community enriched the proceedings. The talks were followed by very interesting and informal exchanges of views and ideas.



Strategic Studies Network Working Group Meetings: Dead Sea
18-19 May  201

Working Group Meetings  of the Strategic Studies Network, (SSN) NESA, National Defence University, Washington D.C were held at Dead Sea on 18- 19 May 2013. CSA was represented by Dr Geeta Madhavan, Dr Jaya Shreedhar and Brig K Srinivasan (Retd) in different Working Groups.

In the picture, Amb James Larocco, Director NESA, Washington D.C. and Dr Tyler Rauert, Director SSN with CSA representatives. 








Seminar on Governing Systems and Internal Conflicts
23 March 2013

 CSA organised a Panel Discussion on the theme “Governing Systems and Internal Conflictâ€?on 23rd March 2013. The panelist and subjects of the talks were as under:

     *Dr Sudha Ramachandran â€?Ethno–political Conflicts in South Asia: Changing Dynamics,     Common Concerns
     * Prof P Sahadevan
â€?Managing Internal Conflicts in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar: Strategies and Outcomes 
     * Dr Geeta Madhavan
�Legal Regimes in Conflicts Situations
     * Dr Lawrence Prabhakar
�Internal Conflicts: Linkages and Consequences for Maritime and Littoral Security in South Asia

 It was a very interesting event which attracted remarks and discussions from participants. Mr B S Raghavan IAS (Retd), former Policy Advisor to UN (FAO), Chief Secretary, State Governments of West Bengal and Tripura, Secretary to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Government of India, appreciated the Study on Internal Conflicts by CSA. While giving his views, he also suggested that the researchers should develop an aptitude to present the study and analysis in a simple language understandable by common man and low level bureaucrats. Click here

Mr M R Sivaraman, IAS (Retd), Former Executive Director, IMF and former Revenue Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, another distinguished participant at the event highlighted as to how economic development can to a great extent help the government and society in addressing the internal conflicts, be it Left Wing Extremism, Conflicts in Northeast India, problem in J&K and also those in other countries in the neighbourhood. The lack of economic development, he emphasised, could often be the cause of the conflict but definitely a major consequence, which require full attention of the governments.

Strategic Studies Summit: Bangkok
3-6 November 2012

This year’s Plenary Session of the Strategic Studies Network (SSN), National Defence University, Washington was held at Bangkok from 3-6 November 2012.  A team of six from CSA, headed by Lt. Gen. V.R. Raghavan (Retd), President, CSA participated in the programme. 

 The topics covered in the Plenary were:-

 a)     Governance â€?Global Governance & Arab Spring
 b)   Globalization â€?Cyber & Labour
 c)   Media & Technology in Modern Statecraft
 d)   Public Health & Security
  Illicit Networks
     Regional Cooperation in Humanitarian Affairs & Disaster Relief
 g)   Emerging Military Powers: Regional Implications
 h)   Energy Security

Dr Jaya Shreedhar made a detailed presentation on Public Health and Security.  Her presentation was well attended and highly applauded. Her paper will be put up on this site soon for the benefit of all those interested in the subject.

In addition, working group meetings was also held.  The CSA’s participation in the Working Groups was under:

a)     Dr Geeta Madhavan â€? Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Extremists

b)   Dr Jaya Shreedhar â€?Issues of Governance: The Role of People in Governance

c)   Mr K.V. Krishnaswamy â€?Economic Integration in South Asia

d)   Dr Lawrence Prabhakar â€?Iran in Regional and Global Perspective

e)   Brig. K. Srinivasan (Retd) â€?Water Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

This was followed by another event Strategic Forum: Challenges of Water and Energy Security in South Asia and the Indian Ocean Region from 7-9 November 2012. Dr Geeta Madhavan, Dr Lawrence Prabhakar and Brig. K. Srinivasan (Retd) participated.  



Long term Consequences of Conflicts in Northeastern India
26 October 2012

The Centre for Security Analysis (CSA) in collaboration with Research Centre for Eastern and North Eastern  Regional Studies-Kolkata (CENERS-K) organised a seminar at Kolkata on 26th October 2012 on Long Term  Consequences of Conflicts in North Eastern India.  The seminar was part of the research project that CSA  had undertaken on Internal Conflicts and Trans National Consequences.  The seminar addressed two major  themes, i.e., Internal Consequences and External Consequences of the ongoing conflicts in North Eastern  India.  The internal consequences included political, economic and socio-ethnic dimensions.  The external  consequences included intentions and potential role of countries surrounding Northeast India and their impact  on foreign relations.  Eight researchers presented papers covering various sub themes.  

To begin with Lt. Gen. V.R. Raghavan (Retd), President, CSA gave a brief description of the research project  undertaken by CSA and introduced the seminar theme. His Excellency Mr M.K. Narayanan, Governor of  West  Bengal delivered the keynote address.  In his address he emphasized that the conflicts plaguing the  region and their causes cannot be truly and objectively addressed if they are always dealt with in an exclusive  manner isolated from the rest of India. The causes of conflicts in North Eastern states have defied solutions as  they are a continuous problem. Over the time, the Northeast has changed and along with it many new issues  have come to the fore.  But isolating the problems of the region or treating them differently has proved  counterproductive. There are extensive links between the conflicts of Northeast with the rest of the country and  we cannot alienate them as the country as a whole is facing conflict challenges. We need to respond to these   challenges in a holistic manner and just not exaggerate the conflicts of Northeast.

The Conference was well attended by the consular staff based at Kolkata, serving & retired bureaucrats & military officers and other intellectuals of Kolkata.  The media was well represented and the proceedings were carried in the news papers.

To see the media coverage, visit the following:- The Statesman, The Times of India, The Telegraph


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Moncler モンクレール ダウン Moncler 店舗 Moncler 店舗 東京 Moncler 新作 Nepal as a Federal State: Lessons from Indian Experience
30-31 August 2012

Six years after the culmination of civil war, Nepal is still in a transitional state. The process that brought an end to the civil war has not been able to bring peace and stability to Nepal. Major challenge facing Nepal is the drafting of the new Constitution. The new Constitution is supposed to lead to major restructuring of Nepal into a federal state. Political parties have failed to reach an agreement on a draft constitution despite four extensions to the Constituent Assembly thus pushing the state into a fresh round of political uncertainty. Nepal with renewed political uncertainty is an example of the consequences of the conflict preventing a final resolution from coming about.

Against this backdrop, CSA in collaboration with Centre for South Asian Studies (CSAS), Kathmandu organized a two day seminar Nepal as a Federal State: Lessons from Indian Experience on 30-31 August 2012 at Kathmandu.  CSA engaged nine experts from India and Nepal to explore different facets of federalism. The sub themes of the seminar were- Federalism: Indian Experience, Nepal as a Federal State: Issues and Challenges and The Way Forward. Lt Gen V R Raghavan (Retd) President, CSA introduced the seminar theme and Mr Rajendra Mahato, President, Sadbhawana Party and Minister for Health and Population, Government of Nepal delivered the keynote address. H E Mr Jayant Prasad, Ambassador of India to Nepal, also spoke on the occasion. Mr G K Pillai, former Home Secretary, Government of India delivered a special talk on Federalism: The Indian Experience.  CSA was well represented by the presence of the founding members to include Dr Geeta Madhavan, Dr Jaya Shreedhar and Mr KV Krishnaswamy. Dr Geeta Madhavan chaired a session and guided the proceedings.

The event was well covered by the media.

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ウォーターマン万年筆インク ウォーターマン エキスパート デラックス 万年筆 ウォーターマン エキスパート 万年筆 ウォーターマン カレン 万年筆 ウォーターマン カレン 万年筆 オークション ウォーターマン カレン 万年筆 ブルー ウォーターマン グラデュエート クローム 万年筆 ウォーターマン セレニテ 刀 万年筆 ウォーターマン チャールストン 万年筆 ウォーターマン チャールストン 万年筆 書き 味 ウォーターマン メトロポリタン デラックス 万年筆 ウォーターマン メトロポリタン 万年筆 ウォーターマン 万年筆 ウォーターマン 万年筆 価格 ウォーターマン 万年筆 値段 ウォーターマン 万年筆 廃盤 ウォーターマン 万年筆 書き味 ウォーターマン 万年筆 極細 ウォーターマン 万年筆 歴史 ウォーターマン 万年筆 おすすめ ウォーターマン 万年筆 アマゾン ウォーターマン 万年筆 アンティーク ウォーターマン 万年筆 イシ?エ?ラ ウォーターマン 万年筆 インクカートリッジ ウォーターマン 万年筆 インク交換 ウォーターマン 万年筆 インク漏れ ウォーターマン 万年筆 インク ウォーターマン 万年筆 インク ブルーブラック ウォーターマン 万年筆 インク 入れ方 ウォーターマン 万年筆 インク 色 ウォーターマン 万年筆 エキスパート ウォーターマン 万年筆 エキスパート デラックス ブラックct ウォーターマン 万年筆 エキスパート デラックス ホワイトct ウォーターマン 万年筆 エキスパート ブラックgt ウォーターマン 万年筆 エキスパート ブルー ウォーターマン 万年筆 エキスパート ブルーct ウォーターマン 万年筆 エクセプションスリム ウォーターマン 万年筆 エクセプション ウォーターマン 万年筆 エドソン ウォーターマン 万年筆 オーダス ウォーターマン 万年筆 オーダス インディアンバイブズ ウォーターマン 万年筆 オーダス シャイニーパール ウォーターマン 万年筆 オーダス デジタルポエッティ ウォーターマン 万年筆 カタログ ウォーターマン 万年筆 カレンデラックス ウォーターマン 万年筆 カレン ウォーターマン 万年筆 カレン デラックス ウォーターマン 万年筆 カレン デラックス ブルー&シルバー ウォーターマン 万年筆 カレン メリディアンシルバー ウォーターマン 万年筆 カレン ヴィヴィッドブルーst ウォーターマン 万年筆 カレン 22912 メリディアン ローズゴールドst ウォーターマン 万年筆 カートリッジ ウォーターマン 万年筆 クルトゥール ウォーターマン 万年筆 クルトゥール クリア ウォーターマン 万年筆 コンバーター ウォーターマン 万年筆 ジェントルマン ウォーターマン 万年筆 スケルトン ウォーターマン 万年筆 スターリングシルバー ウォーターマン 万年筆 セレニテ ウォーターマン 万年筆 チャールストン ウォーターマン 万年筆 チャールストン アイボリーホワイトgt ウォーターマン 万年筆 チャールストン ブルーct ウォーターマン 万年筆 ハーモニー ウォーターマン 万年筆 ハーレー ウォーターマン 万年筆 パースペクティブ ウォーターマン 万年筆 ビンテージ ウォーターマン 万年筆 ピンク ウォーターマン 万年筆 フィリアス ウォーターマン 万年筆 フィリアス ミネラルブルーgt ウォーターマン 万年筆 ブルー ウォーターマン 万年筆 ブログ ウォーターマン 万年筆 ペン先 ウォーターマン 万年筆 ペン先 交換 ウォーターマン 万年筆 ホワイト ウォーターマン 万年筆 マーブル ウォーターマン 万年筆 メトロポリタン ウォーターマン 万年筆 メトロポリタン 書き味 ウォーターマン 万年筆 メトロポリタン エッセンシャル ウォーターマン 万年筆 メトロポリタン エッセンシャル ステンレススチールgt ウォーターマン 万年筆 メトロポリタン デラックス メタルct ウォーターマン 万年筆 ヤフオク ウォーターマン 万年筆 リエゾン ウォーターマン 万年筆 ルマン ウォーターマン 万年筆 ル?マン100 ウォーターマン 万年筆 ロレア ウォーターマン 万年筆 安い ウォーターマン 万年筆 白 ウォーターマン 万年筆 大阪 ウォーターマン 万年筆 店舗 ウォーターマン 万年筆 定番 ウォーターマン 万年筆 分解 ウォーターマン 万年筆 種類 ウォーターマン 万年筆 細字 ウォーターマン 万年筆 名品 ウォーターマン 万年筆 名入れ ウォーターマン 万年筆 女性 ウォーターマン 万年筆 取扱店 ウォーターマン 万年筆 色彩雫 ウォーターマン 万年筆 手入れ ウォーターマン 万年筆 四角 ウォーターマン 万年筆 太さ ウォーターマン 万年筆 太字 ウォーターマン 万年筆 特徴 ウォーターマン 万年筆 限定 ウォーターマン 万年筆 修理 ウォーターマン 万年筆 評価 ウォーターマン 万年筆 評判 ウォーターマン 万年筆 調整 ウォーターマン 万年筆 中古 ウォーターマン 万年筆 字幅 ウォーターマン 万年筆 18金 ウォーターマン 万年筆 18k ウォーターマン 万年筆 2ch ウォーターマン 万年筆 90周年 ウォーターマン 万年筆 Amazon ウォーターマン 万年筆 Audace ウォーターマン 万年筆 Cf ウォーターマン 万年筆 Ef ウォーターマン 万年筆 Ideal ウォーターマン 万年筆 Lamy ウォーターマン 80年代 万年筆 就職祝い 女性 ボールペン ウォーターマン 万年筆 インク ウォーターマン 万年筆 インク ウォーターマン ブルーブラック 万年筆 ウォーターマン 万年筆 ウォーターマン Wiki 万年筆 Waterman Waterman 万年筆 Waterman 万年筆 価格 Waterman 万年筆 インク Waterman 万年筆 エキスパート Waterman 万年筆 カレン Waterman 万年筆 クルトゥール Waterman 万年筆 使い方 Waterman 万年筆 修理 Waterman Expert 万年筆